Do you love your skateboard and want to spend eternity with it?

Well, if that’s the case, then it is imperative to know how long your skateboard will last. Drop your worries! Because we are here to help you with that as this article will clear all confusions and myths, which are in your head related to the skateboards.

Moreover there are many factors that affect your skateboards’ condition, such as rough route, bearing wheels, dirty grip tape, and many more. Sometimes those factors can also be deadliest for your beloved skateboard, and nobody would ever wish for that to happen.

If you are a beginner in this skating world, then keep on reading as this we are here to help you know all about the life span of the skateboard. So without further ado, let’s jump in.

Things That Affect on a Skateboard’s Life

There are multiple factors that affect the lives of our skateboard, yet we are unaware of them. Some of these factors are defined below. Read them carefully if you don’t want these factors to affect your skateboard. 

1) Quality Of Your Skateboard:

The essential factor that decides whether your skateboard will last for long is the quality of your skateboard. If your skateboard causes problems very often, it defines that the quality of the skateboard is low.

While buying a skateboard, you have to make sure that the board you are purchasing is high-quality. Check the speed, rotations, deck and other things. Go for the best quality skateboard as it is much reliable.

2) Your Behavior With Your Skateboard:

The way you maintain your skateboard, place, ride or clean affects your life. If you keep it clean, protect from getting damaged will increase the life your favorite skateboard. Many often, people skip maintenance and miss the cleaning schedule. However, these mistakes can be hazardous for the life of your skateboard.

3) How You Place Your Skateboard:

Placing the skateboard at the wrong place can damage it. Avoid placing the skateboard in humidity. As a matter of fact, skateboards get damaged if they are placed near water.

Water will soften or excessively moisturize the skateboard, resulting in destroying the wooden deck and rusting the iron parts. So avoid riding the skateboard in rainy or snowy weather.

4) Where You Ride?

The surfaces you ride also affect the life of the skateboard. Road surfaces, asphalt kind of routes can lead you to change the wheels very often. So if you are looking forward to avoiding the excessive expense of changing wheels so often, ride only in skateparks.

If you are unable to go skate parks, then do skating in areas where there are no bumps as it will ensure you smooth-skating without worrying about any falls. 

How Long Do Skateboard Last?

The life of a skateboard depends on the life of the parts used in the skateboard. Here is a table that includes the list of every skateboard part.

Parts Of SkateboardLifespan
Deck2 weeks – 6 months
Wheels3 – 4 months
Trucks2 – 4 years
Bearing2 years

Well, serving all the parts with regular maintenance, your skateboard can approximately live up to 11 – 12 years. That’s no doubt an extended period, but still, to reach this lifespan record, you have to maintain your skateboard very well.       

How Long Do Electric Skateboards Last?

Electric skateboards are constructed with some consumable parts, and they have high chances of getting worn out with time. Well, with regular care, you can quickly low down the possibility of parts getting worn out. You might be thinking, what are the parts of a skateboard that often need replacement?

Well for your assistance we have made a table which will solve your confusion:

Parts Of Electric SkateboardsLifespan
Battery2 – 3 years
Truck Bushes2 – 4 years
Sleeves and wheels3 – 4 months
Deck2 week – 6 months

Electric skateboards also have a great lifespan of about 12 – 13 years. Although the life of a skateboard depends on how often you ride. Still, a high-quality skateboard would last longer than the low-quality ones.

How To Prolong The Life Of A Skateboard?

Once you know about the factors that affect your skateboard’s life span, you might be wondering that is there a way through which my skateboard would last long. Well, yes, there is. Following are some ways that can help you prolong the lifespan of your skateboard.

A) Plan A Regular Maintenance Of The Skateboard:

It is impossible to recover your skateboard once it is completely damaged. This is why it is very vital to take care of your skateboard. Moreover, it will benefit you by prolonging the life of your skateboard.

However, there is no need to panic as the regular maintenance schedule won’t be time-consuming. You have to invest only an hour every week. In this one hour of maintenance, you should consider the following.

B) Grip Tape Cleaning:

Cleaning the grip tape is an important part which you shouldn’t ignore. Dirty or sticky grip tape results in a disbalance, and it is not suitable for both you and your skateboard. Therefore, you have to consider different factors while cleaning the skateboards, such as avoiding stiff brushes or forced cleaning.

Stiff brushes and cleaning with solid forces will make your skateboard lose the roughness. Cleaning the grip tape doesn’t need any qualification. You only have to clear the dust with the help of a soft brush. If the dust or dirt is sticky, use the minimal amount of window cleaning solution.

C) Tail Guard:

Tail guards are skid plates. Installing the tail guard increases the life of your skateboard. It is added between the tail of the deck and the ground. However, these are light in weight, so it is to control the skateboard.

So if you are thinking to install the tail guard in your skateboard, then go ahead. It is ultimately safe.

D) Reassemble The Skateboard:

After completing every step of your maintenance, the part comes where you have to reassemble your skateboard. However, disassembling the skateboard is very easy, but reassembling is quite a tricky process as you have to make sure whether the assembling is strong enough or not.

For the solid and secure reassembling, you first have to attach the trucks with the wooden deck. After that, rebuild the wheel and check the skateboard. If it is not making any noise and running smoothly, this means your skateboard is new again.

E) Storing the Skateboard At Suitable Place:

Everything in this world needs a little care, so does your skateboard. If you want your skateboards to last longer, then storing them at a suitable place is crucial. As a matter of fact, skateboards are made up of wood and as we all know that water and heat are the biggest enemies of wood. So it is evident that you have to keep your skateboards somewhere far from heat and water.

While cleaning the wooden deck of your skateboard, always make sure to use a dry towel as cleaning it with a wet towel could lead the skateboard to get moist. Therefore, it would be best if you place your skateboard in a cool and dry place.

FAQ about Skateboard Life

Is cleaning parts important for skateboard life?

Yes! Cleaning is essential for skateboard life. A dirty or sticky skateboard will be a hurdle while cleaning, and it can cause disbalance. Consequently, you might end up with a broken skateboard. Therefore, it is crucial to clean the skateboard parts while focusing on the essential factors discussed above in the article.   

Does tail guard help prolong board life?

A tail guard is often known as skid plates, is a protective product. The attached to the tail of a skateboard and add a buffer between the ground and tail automatically prolongs the life of a skateboard.

How long do skateboard wheels last?

The life of a skateboard’s wheel depends on where you ride and how often you ride. However, the average life of a skateboard wheel is about three months. However, you can prolong it by rotating or swapping the sides of the wheels.

Can I wash my skateboard with water?

No, you should not clean your skateboard with water if you want it to live an incredibly long life. Washing the wooden grip tape of the skateboard will soften or damage the skateboard. Try to protect your skateboard from being in contact with water. However, you can use water in cleaning the wheels of skateboards.

Final Words:-

No doubt everything in this world has a decided finish line. The same is with the skateboards, but still, you can prolong the lifespan of your skateboard. However, for that, you have to take care of the factors discussed above. Considering these factors will also help you maintain the condition of your skateboard.

So if you want your skateboard to be with you for a long time then make sure to do a proper cleaning and maintenance. We hope this article was helpful enough to solve your queries related to the skateboard.  


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