Skateboarding is one of the favorite sports among children and youngsters. And it is the best source of travelling which helps to maintain your health and make your body fit. Because it not only helps you to move one place to another. With that it also gives a touch of outdoor sports. Due to which all age’s people like it.
Skateboarding is an exciting hobby. If you are new and trying to find a new skateboard then don’t worry. I am here to help you to find the best skateboard for beginners in 2020.
In the skateboard pool, it is hard to choose the best option for yourself. Because the market is full of varieties. Then before purchasing, you must read the detailed reviews about selected products.

Top 10 Best Skateboard For Beginner | Reviews 2020

Here is the list of 10 Best skateboards for adults after complete market analysis by Skateboard Scan experts and skating teams.

1) Markapa Skateboard 22” with LED Light Up Wheels

If you’re under 20 years old then this one is the most excellent option for you. Because it has an exciting and unique feature like its wheels have LED lights that shine when you move. It is a well made Amazon choice product as well as children love it.
And the most noticeable thing is that it does not demand any charging. Because LED lights are automatically charged by well rotations.
It has a plastic kick board with a length of 22 inches and 6 inches width. Due to which it provides a fully stable standing experience.

Deck: 22” Long and 6” Wide
Base: 3.2” Aluminium Base constructed with high quality durable material.
Weight Capacity: 180 Lbs (82 Kg), So it is the best choice for teenagers.
Large Soft PU Wheels: 60 to 45 mm
Bearing: Due to the ABEC Standard bearing system, it offers zero resistance while moving.
Shipping Weight: 4 Pounds Only


  1. Generate Electricity for LED lights by wheel rotating power.
  2. It is a fully assembled complete board and the best gift for children at their birthday party and Christmas.
  3. LED lights always glow even in slow motion.
  4. Markapa Skateboard is CE Certified that provides soft and strong standing experience for adults that weigh less than 180 lbs.
  5. Due to the friction free bearing system it helps users while moving. It provides 100% resistance free traveling and sliding experience.
  6. And it is a penny and mini skateboard that is good for both the body and girls. Due to adorable design and durable wheels children love it.

Customers review:
All customers love this product and gives 4.7 Star rating out of 5.

Summary: Markapa Skateboard is a durable, stylish and super choice product due to which it is the best skateboard for teenagers.

2) Quest Super Cruiser Skateboard

If you are trying to find a long board for cruising and racing then Quest QT-NSC44C Skateboard is No.1 option for you. Because it is especially designed for racing and tricking purposes. It is constructed in artisan bamboo deck style with multi-way hardwood Maple.
It’s 7 Play Super Flex Bamboo and genuine ABEC speed bearings gives the highest speed to rider.
Its deck design with aluminum so due to better components it performs amazing performance.So it is a perfect skateboard in decent budget.

Size: 44” Perfect size long board
Bearing: 7 ABEC Super fast bearing system
Material: Hardwood maple deck
Trucks: 7 Inches Aluminum Truck
Wheels: 70 mm durable PU wheels


  1. This complete super cruiser skateboard design according to the latest technology and provides friction free racing experience.
  2. It’s manufactured with high quality PU wheels due to which it reduces road resistance while skating.
  3. It is a super choice big size long board that is good for heavy weight people.And due to super shaped design it’s easy to flow.
  4. Fully featured product at affordable cost.

Customer Rating:
Customers gives 4.4 Star rating out of 5 stars. And it is the best selling skateboard in the market.

Summary: Quest Super Cruiser Skateboard features a rich product that customers love and it is the best choice at the cheapest cost.

3) Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

A Rookie skateboard specially designed with canadian maple due to which it is more stable and the best skateboard for adults. Childrens love to enjoy riding on it, because it gives excellent riding experience due to durable rolling wheels.
52 mm Urethane Krown Graphic Wheels and 5.0″ Aluminum Trucks with black grip tape make it unique in style and design.
Krown offers the best skateboard from 1996 and its well known brand to producing high quality durable products at a budget price.
The main feature of Rookie skateboards is modern concave design that provides comfortable riding and helps to learn tricking.

4) KPC Pro Skateboard | Best Skateboards for Kids

It is the best budget skateboard with premium quality construction. KPC pro skateboard is especially design for tricks and most popular among adults.

It has 7.75-Inch deck construct with Canadian maple that make it durable in use.Having a black tape on outer surface for balancing while tricking.

KPC also offers 2-Year and 3-Year protection plans for its warranty. It has large wheels due to which its easily skates in the street as well as skate parks.
It is a sturdy build product with metal trucks and both boys and girls love to use it. If you need to read detailed review on that product then must visit: KPC Pro Skateboard Review.

5) Punisher 9001 | Best Skateboard for Tall Person

The fifth item in our list of best skateboards for beginners is the Punisher skateboard that is a highly durable complete kick board. It offers high control and balancing while turning, riding and doing tricks due to Mild concave skateboard deck.
Due to ABEC-7 friction free bearings its move very quickly and gives a Rover touch to riders.
It has a 5 Inches alloy truck and base with a unique design high quality printing board.
Diameters of wheels is 54*38 mm that design in PU Ivory white colors with skateboard graphics.
Rides enjoy riding without any assembly requirements for board. Because things are already fixed according to what readers need.
80 AB heavy duty grip tape also helps while tricking and never loses grip while jumping. The bottom side of the skateboard looks gorgeous due to Attractive Cherry Blossom Graphics.
Punisher skateboarding gives high quality riding experience at the cheapest price according to market competition. And best for more than Eight(8) years old youngsters.


Product Dimensions: 31.5 * 7.75 Inches skateboard
Weight Capacity: Cherry Blossom is High quality skateboard for beginners and can endure weight up to 200+ pounds due to its durable Canadian maple construction.
Double Kick board: Which helps to maintain control and positioning while turning,tricking and doing stunts.
Bearing System: It is manufactured with 7 ABCE bearing system that gives friction free rolling and effort free riding experience.
Warranty: Punisher offers 30 Days money back guarantee for that product.

Customers review:
This produce is love of both boys and girls due to which it gains 4.6 Star rating out of 5.

Summary: Punisher is highly stylish and durable in construction with double kickboard and friction less rolling system.

6) RIMABLE Skateboard | Best Skateboard for Teenagers

It is a plastic made lightweight skateboard that is especially designed for children.
Due to light weight, riders perform jumping stunts easily. It is manufactured with high quality 3” inches thick trucks and fastest speed bearing PU wheels.
Due to plastic manufacturing it has a maximum load capacity of 90 Kg.
It is a fully assembled plastic cruiser at an affordable price with durable manufacturing. It is the best skateboard for kids that want to start skating.

Product Dimensions: 6’’ Wide and 22’’ Long Deck and 3” thick aluminum truck
Weight Capacity: Maximum weight capacity is up to 198 Pounds.
Material: Made by High quality plastic fully freshed material
Bearing & Wheels: High speed bearing and durable PU Wheels
Consumer Rating: 4.5 Star Rating out of 5 Star.

Summary: RIMABLE Skateboard is the best choice for skateboard beginners because it is a high quality product at cheap rates and has excellent consumer rating.

7) White Fang Skateboards

This product is one of the best kick boards for beginners because it has all the features that any rider demands.
It is durable in construction, highly stylish in looking and very fast in riding.Due to these unique comparisons less features, all riders love to buy this product.
It gives wind speed to riders due to super smooth wheels which provide surface friendly riding in skate parks,pools,streets or even on rough surfaces. Its bearing system is quite premium that gives friction free riding experience.
Due to thermal transfer printing its look elegant and stylist. It wins trust for both beginners and skilled persons and all loves to learn more tricks quickly on that board.

Product Dimensions: 31.75” * 7.88” Inches Deck
Weight Capacity: Maximum weight capacity is up to 330 pounds.
Material: Highly Durable 7 layers Canadian maple deck
Bearing & Wheels: High speed friction free 9 ABEC-Bearing and durable PU Wheels


  1. Five inches magnesium alloy truck and 90 A high rebound PU bushing system make it special for tricks and skateboard stunts.
  2. White Fang Skateboards provide elegant temperament due to high combination of white and black printing and geometric patterns.
  3. It offers wind speed to riders due to the high class bearing system and PU wheels.

Consumer Reviews:
Consumer gives 4.5 Star rating to this product out 5 Stars.

Summary: White Fang Skateboards is a highly recommended skateboard for experts and beginners both because it helps to learn tricks and stunts vastly.

8) Hikole Best Classical Trick Skateboard for Adults

It is the first skateboard in our list that is constructed with 9 layers of Canadian maple wood and a complete skateboard for up to 5 year old adults.
It is a best seller product that is durable in quality and its concave shape allows you to perform stunts easily. Beginners love it because it gives an opportunity to perform 360 and OL actional stunts easily.
It also has black grip tape on its outer surface that gives high stability and balancing position while skating on rough surface.

Product Dimensions: 78.5 x 19.5 x 9.5 cm
Weight Capacity: It afford maximum 220 Lbs (100 kg weight).
Material: Construct with 9 layers of Maple wood kick board with 55 mm high quality PU wheels.
Bearing: ABEC-7 precision bearings and PU bushings makes its speed double.


  1. It has concave design and high quality manufacturing with 7 layers of wood kick board.
  2. Economical size PU wheels help to ride smoothly even in rough places.
  3. Hikole skateboard is highly cost effective and perfect skateboard for beginners because its concave design helps to learn tricks faster than other skateboards.
  4. Its smooth wheels allow you to skate at every place even in street or skate park,ramps and pools.
  5. Its wooden board helps beginners to earn basic and advanced level tricks and stunts easily.

Consumer Review:
Mostly consumers give a 5 star rating to this product , But the average rating is 4.3 stars.

Summary: Hikole skateboard is a pro board especially designed for beginners and expert learners for learning new stunts and tricks.

9) Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Retro Style Plastic Board makes it unique in design and its construction makes it durable in quality. It is a light weighted product especially designed for beginners. And it’s also come with color matching T-tools for maintenance.
All skatro boards have Skatro Flex Technology that ensure consistency of riders with skating and skatro performed complete testing during manufacturing.
The second most considerable thing is its Skatro Ultimate ABEC 7 Bearings that are made with bearing steel metal not with carbon steel. So bearing steels reduce friction and enhance speed with minimum efforts of rider.

Product Dimensions: 22 x 6 Inches Retro style Board
Weight Capacity: It maximum weight capacity is 220 lbs.
Material: Plastic board with Skatro flex technology
Bearing: ABEC 7 Bearing with construct with Friction less steel


  1. Most ergonomic feature of this product is its Retro design and Flex technology that ensure quality plastic manufacturing.
  2. Its bearing system is highly durable then others because 7 ABEC bearing manufacturing with bearing steel rather than carbon steel.
  3. This product also has a T-tool kit that helps while screw fixing and product maintenance.
  4. It is 100% assemble complete board
  5. Although it’s made of plastic, it offers high weight capacity like wooden boards.

Buyer Reviews:
It is the best product among young kids and gotten 4.4 Star rating out of five stars.

Summary: Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard is plastic made skateboard with high quality wheels and steels bearings with flex technology to ensure riders consistency.

10) Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard

It is China Made complete skateboard for beginners and advanced riders. It is a highly stable and smooth skating board due to hand-cast polyurethane wheels that helps to ride fast. Its bottom surface is printed with UX Printing that is never affected by weather conditions.
It’s outer surface covered with grip tapes that gives comfortable and balancing riding experience to ride lovers.
It is also known as Fly dragon skateboard that is the best skateboard for price conscious peoples.It construction is highly durable due to the PGD deck that is the best product in Asia.

Product Dimensions: 31.5 x 8.6 x 4.7 Inches concave style board
Weight Capacity: It maximum weight capacity is 240 lbs.
Wheels: PGD Super High Rebound wheels
Bearing: ABEC 7 Durable Bearing system

Buyer Reviews:
It has a high rated product among all skateboards. And it wins 4.6 Star rating out of 5 stars.

Summary: Powell golden dragon skateboard is the best choice product manufacture with durable quality wheels and best product among adults.


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