Do you want to ride a skateboard while you are drunk and you are not confirmed of having a DUI on a skateboard? It could be terrifying and disturbing for you if you are not aware of your country’s rules and laws, especially the ones that can impact your everyday actions.

If your answer is yes to this question, then you should give this article a brief read. In that case, you will know the answers to all your queries regarding having a DIU on a skateboard. The law of DUI is basically driving under the Influence of Alcohol.

With this law, you have granted permission to drive a vehicle by the authorities and judges of DUI law if you have alcohol intake of a specific amount prescribed by the physicians. Generally called drunk driving, this law consists of different conditions according to their state’s laws. Let’s get to know how you can get a DUI!

Can You Get a DUI on a Skateboard?

The easiest and straightforward answer to this question is “NO”. Under no circumstances you are going to have a DUI on a skateboard. Although, riding a skateboard is itself a dangerous activity and is banned by many countries worldwide. However, as discussed below, there are several other reasons why you can’t get a DUI on a skateboard.

What are the Reasons for Not Having a DUI on a Skateboard?  

Here, we have enlisted some of the major reasons for not having a DUI law on a skateboard:

1. Damage to Public and Private Properties:

Having a skateboard ride while you are drunk can cause some expensive and severe damage to public and private properties. Many sculptures and structures have been damaged because of skateboarders. The nature of riding skateboards in a state of drunkenness is the biggest reason for this damage. Sidewalks and paths are also destroyed because of drunk riding. 

2. The Dangers of Injuries and Fractures:

The misuse of skateboards when you are drunk can be fatal. If you are not experienced enough in riding the skateboard, there is a chance of having injuries or fractures. There are thousands of cases reported in which we heard of having head injuries because of skateboarding. Head injuries, breaking of facial bones, and fractures of ankles and wrists are widespread due to skateboarding.

3. Traffic Hazards and Ties-up:

Riding a skateboard while you are drunk is very hazardous, but if you somehow manage to protect yourself from injuries, you will end up causing problems in traffic. Traffic hazards and ties-up could be a reason for not allowing DUI on a skateboard. Mainly, these traffic problems can also result in accidents. Many people are killed in accidents every day because of driving or riding vehicles while drunk.

What If We Don’t Respect The Law of DUI On Skateboarding?

You must be thinking, what will happen if you don’t respect the law of DUI on a skateboard? So, first of all, ignoring the DUIs is itself not a good option for you. In the case of riding skateboards, it is better not to break the rules; otherwise, you will be restricted from riding a skateboard for the rest of your life.

Many states have some punishment for people who break the “Don’t drive and drink” rule. Here are some of the possible scenarios you may face if you do not respect the laws of DUIs on a skateboard:

1. You Will Get Arrested:

The first-ever action that will be taken against you if you get caught by police riding a skateboard while drunk is that you will be arrested by the police at the spot and will be put in jail.

2. You Will Have to Pay Financial Penalties and Fines:

Once you are caught while riding a skateboard when drunk, you have to obey all the courts and judges’ orders and laws. The court may order you to pay financial penalties and fines. So, you have to pay them to avoid any severe punishment. This will make you mentally prepare for never breaking the law again.

3. You May Face Long-term Imprisonment:

The court can also order long-term imprisonment for you as a punishment for riding a skateboard while drunk. You can get out of all this if you can hire a reliable lawyer. But make sure never do this that can lead you to this state.

4. Payment For the Services of Damages Properties:

If you were riding a skateboard after the consumption of a higher level of alcohol (as prescribed by the physician) and getting caught by the police, causing damage to the private or public properties. In that case, you will have to pay for the services of damage caused by you along with the financial fines and penalties as ordered by the court.

How Can You Make People Respect the Law of DUI on a Skateboard?

If you want people to respect DUI skateboarding laws, firstly, you need to provide awareness of the disadvantages you get from breaking these rules. People should know what will happen to them, even if they don’t get caught by the people.

You can highlight all the injuries, fractures of bones and skulls, and road accidents in this way that people get terrified from them. Creating awareness among people is the most effective and easy tool. You can also use a terrifying statement for preventing people from breaking the rules.

Use of breath alcohol interlock devices should be common among the police state. Using alcohol-detecting devices, it will be easy to catch a person who is drunk and riding a skateboard in this state.


Therefore, it is concluded that it is impossible to have a DUI on skateboarding because skateboards are not electric and motor vehicle. It is, indeed, a better decision not to issue a DUI license to the people because the activity of skateboarding is quite risky.

Even with the use of safety helmets and pads, there are thousands of serious injuries reported globally. Moreover, the risks and dangers increase rapidly when you are not completely in your subconscious mind. We hope that you find this article informative and helpful for you.


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