Safety equipment is an essential need for every sportsman. Because it provides surety about any damage and saves players from physical injuries.

When we talk about skateboarding, some essential equipment comes to mind: Such as skateboard helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. 

Today I am going to discuss “why should skateboard helmets be mandatory” and also suggest you a list of the best skateboard helmets in a good budget.

As you know, helmets protect our skull and save us from head trauma that is the most common injury in accidents involving bikes, in-line skates, skateboards and scooters. That’s why a skateboard helmet is necessary for downhills skating or even street skating.

Top 5 Best Skateboard Helmets Essential for your Skateboarding Journey

Head protection is the first priority in skateboarding. So never worry about investing in a qualitative product because some extra pennies help you to pick the best one for yourself.

Top Pick
Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

1) Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Most Safest Helmet

Razor V-17 means 17 vents in the helmet that keep your mind cool while skating in hot weather and also dry sweat while skateboarding stunts.
It has cutting edge design and especially designs for youth. 
Due to Side release buckles, it ensures safety while skating, biking and more.

Razor V-17 means 17 vents in the helmet that keep your mind cool while skating in hot weather and also dry sweat while skateboarding stunts. It has cutting edge design and especially designs for youth. 

Due to Side release buckles, it ensures safety while skating, biking and more.

It is stylish and also a good option for girls. Due to ergonomic interior padding, it is more protected and comfortable.

Razor offers a lot of color variation and sizes that help buyers to choose the most fitted product with a suitable color combination.

It is manufactured according to CPSC safety requirements.

Razor V-17 Helmet Features

i) Padding for comfort: It is manufactured with a double padded. One helps to provide comfort and protection against any external pressure and the second one keeps the helmet fit to the skull while moving or skating.

ii) 17 Side and Rear Vents: It has 7 Vents on the center, 4 vents in the head section and 6 vents at the back of the helmet that makes it fully airy and fully breathable. Due to optimized cooling sports guys enjoy the freshness and sweat-free riding experience. 

iii) Secure Buckle: Adjustable strap and secure bucket ensure your safety while stunts and down falling from hills. Because buckles keep your helmet on your head while doing mostly extreme activities such as skateboard jumps.

iv) Size Variation: It available in three different sizes: 

  • Child: Best fitted for 5 to 8 years old children.
  • Youth: Best age range is 8 to 14.
  • Adult: Best for 14-Year-Old and 14+.

Customer Rating: 

Buyers give 4.7 Star Rating out of 5 to Razor V-17 Helmet that ensures it is a premium quality product.


  • Offer maximum safety
  • Highly Breathable 
  • Best budget skating helmet
  • Available in Best sizes for Kids & youth


  • Not for less than 5-year-old kids

2) SC Skateboard & BMX Helmet for Kids & Adults

Top Pick
SC Skateboard & BMX Helmet for Kids & Adults


  • Brand: SkullCap
  • Size: M (21.6 – 22.8 inch)
  • Shipping Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Inner Material: EPS
  • Color: Available in a variety of colors
  • Best for all ages from 6-99 Years

This is a multi-sports helmet designed by Pro Rider team for adults, kids and youth. It is manufactured according to BMX type and fulfills all CPSC standards of safety and head protection. 

With the hard outer shell, it provides high-class protection by head injuries during road accidents. It offers a full ventilation environment because it has vents on top, front and back as well. These vents help to dry the sweat from the head during long riding.

SkullCap provide best fitted and best budget helmet for all sports activities such as biking, cycling, inline skating, rolling skating and skateboarding. 

It has durable polyester straps with a quick-release buckle that help riders to set and adjust the helmet quickly. Due to the strap, the helmet never loses grip from the head during stunts and fast skating.

During buying a helmet online the main concern is about sizing. So first of all, measure the Head Circumference first and then place an order for a new helmet for skating.

Customer Reviews: According to verified buyers reviews, this product won 4.5 Star Rating out of 5.


  • Protective Design 
  • Satisfied all Safety Standards
  • Most Protective & Hard outer shell


  • Simple & Not too much stylish

3) JBM Skateboard Helmet – CPSC ASTM Certified

JBM Skateboard Helmet


  • Size: Small
  • Color: Black
  • Recommended For: Skateboarding
  • Brand: JBM international
  • Impact Resistance Ventilation for Multi-Sports

This skating helmet design by JBM brand is famous in manufacturing multi-sports gears. This helmet is also used during different outdoor activities such as cycling, skateboarding and scootering etc. 

According to safety perspectives, JBM products are top of the list because they fulfill all safety & protection standards such as CPSC and ASTM certifications.

This skate helmet has three size variation: 

(i) Small: It best for 46 to 50 cm head circumference
(ii) Medium: It is the best fit for 50 to 58 cm size.
(iii) Large: This size design for 53 to 59 cm head circumference.

It also has adjustable straps that help us to make it fit by losing or tightening the buckle. Due to sizing flexibility, it has unisex features and equally suitable for boys and girls.

For sports safety, the quality of helmet too much matters specify its manufacturing design and outer shell. This helmet has an anti-shock function that helps to save from any instant injury during sports activities such as skateboard stunts.

Due to the use of a hard outer shell with PVC & PC and EPS foam, it protects the head from outer impact.

It has multi vents aerodynamic design that keeps the head dry and saves from sweat. JBM skateboard helmet is available in different colours with size variation and best suitable for multi-sports activities.

If you want to buy a skateboard helmet for your beloved then never waste time and order now for a helmet because it has all the essential features that any sportsman demands.


  • Best Budget Skateboard Helmet
  • Good for Multi-Sports
  • Fully Ventilated due to multi Vents
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Adjustable strap is not durable

4) Punisher Skateboards Multi-Sport Skateboard Helmet

Best for Girls
Punisher Skateboards Multi-Sport Skateboard Helmet


  • Brand: Punisher Skateboards
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 8.75 inches;
  • Weight: 14.46 Ounces
  • Assorted Styles
  • 11-Vent for Air Circulation
  • Includes Extra Helmet Pads

Punisher designed this helmet with unique colors and design variations due to which skate girls love to buy this product. Butterfly Jive Girls Skateboard Helmet is designed with ABS Plastic Shell and Black EPS Foam Liner that offer comfortability while using it. It fulfilled all the safety criteria of CPSC standards.

It has 11 vents into the shell that make it ventilated and fully comfortable while skating. You may use it for different sports activities such as bike riding, DMX-ing and skating etc.

The best combination of this helmet is with the Cherry Blossom Skateboard that is also designed by Punisher.

It comes with 3 different Art design options:

(i) Elephantasm Skateboard Helmet
(ii) Teddy Skateboard Helmet
(iii) Ranger Skateboard Helmet

According to verified purchasers, kids love to wear this helmet and never try to take it off. It has a fully comfortable interior pad and adjustable neck strap that increases its comfortability. Due to ABS shell and Black form liner, it offers high safety and that is why all Punisher products are certified by CPSC safety criteria.

Punisher designs this helmet as light-weighted, durable in manufacturing and head protected that helps buyers to choose it confidently.


  • Great Artwork Helmet
  • Additional Padded to adjust the size
  • 11 vents to make breathable
  • Available in Multi designs


  • It slightly medium in size

5) Retrospec Dakota Skateboard Helmet for Adults

Best in Budget
Retrospec Dakota Skateboard Helmet for Adults


  • Brand: Retrospec
  • Size: 51-55 cm / Small
  • Color: Multiple Variations
  • Recommended For: Cycling, Skateboarding
  • Approved For: Bike, Skate, Ski
  • Fully formed ABS surrounds high quality EPS foam

Retrospec CM-1 is the lightest skateboard helmet that has 10 vents for air circulation and two soft pads for a custom fit. Due to classic design and air vents, it helps to keep the head dry from sweat and make a journey breathable & fresh. This product fulfilled all US CPSC, and ASTM standards of safety and protection and best for skateboarding and cycling both. 

It has a classic skate design that makes it more safe and protected against any impact. It is a unisex product so it is useful for both boys & girls. Due to the premium quality EPS form, it provides unwavering protection from any outer impact and road injuries. This Retrospec helmet saves your head while cycling, skateboarding and skate rolling etc.

Retrospec helmet is most suitable for young guys that age is more than 14 years old. And also available in a variety of 7 colours, so pick the most suitable according to your skateboard deck.

Customer Rating: According to customers, it won 4.5 Star rating out of 5 stars that show it is worth buying.


  • Optimal Air Flow
  • Fit type: Universal Fit
  • Too much protective against high impact
  • Best option in very low budget


  • Not for less than 10 years old

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