Are you in confusion about not knowing is skateboarding dangerous or not? If yes, then we are here to help you out! Also, this might be because you are unfamiliar with the risks and effects of skateboarding.

Having no awareness of skateboarding can be irritating and exasperating because you don’t want to regret it if you face any danger. If you want to know further about skateboarding, then stick to this article and give it a brief read so you will be well-aware of all of your queries.

Skateboarding’s nature and idea are based on balancing yourself on that little board, and because of its risky theme, teenagers and children get easily attracted to it. However, balancing yourself is not simple and easy for children, so there is a high chance of children get hurt themselves. So, let’s get started to know is skateboarding really that dangerous!

Is Riding a Skateboard that Much Unsafe?  

A question comes to our mind whenever we heard about an injury or fracture of a person because of riding a skateboard. The answer to this question is simply ‘yes’.

Skateboarding is a dangerous sport as compared to other physical sports like cricket and football. Although, in the starting years, the trend of riding a skateboard was freaky, as the skateboard itself was full of malfunctioning.

Now it is well-equipped, but still, the theme and nature of this sport were quite dangerous and disastrous. Even when the luck is not on your side, the professional skateboarders still managed to get some serious injuries and fractures.

What Are The Risks Of Riding A Skateboard?

Although there are many risks in riding a skateboard, some of them are mentioned below to let you know how dangerous and risk-taking it could be.

  • There is an extreme risk that you may hurt other people. The second you lose your balance, you will hurt yourself or hurt other people with you.
  • It could be a risky decision for you if you ride your skateboard in wet weather.
  • You can also face severe consequences if you have problems with bad posture. Your whole weight comes to your lower part; your pelvis can slightly bend and give you a bad posture. Ultimately, it can cause you an injury.
  • You can also suffer from back pain because of continuous jumps and leaps. If you ignore your back pain, you can have it permanently.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Skateboarding?

To better understand why skateboarding is dangerous, we have enlisted some of the major questions based on the effects on skateboarding, along with their answers behind considering skateboarding dangerous and disastrous.

1. Is Skateboarding Hard to Learn And De-motivational?

Learning how to ride a skateboard could be complicated for you, especially if you are using a cheap skateboard. In the beginning, it would be very difficult for you to learn as well as time-consuming. There is a high chance that you lose hope and get demotivated because of continued failure in skateboarding.

2. Are Public And Private Properties Get Damaged By Skateboarding?

When skateboarding started to get popular among teenagers especially, there were no special paths or areas for skateboarding. The teenagers used to ride a skateboard on sidewalks and paths. This thing is still in trend, and many skateboard lovers still use paths and sidewalks for skateboarding.

Ultimately, which results in damage to public and private properties, many sculptures and statues are destroyed worldwide, and this destruction is one of the main reasons why skateboarding is banned in many countries.

3. Is There Any Worth In Skateboarding?

The salaries of professional skateboarders are not that high as compared to the professionals of other sports fields. Even on the international level, many countries do not even accept it as a proper sport, and thus it has little or no worth in international games and championships. Moreover, many people don’t even recognize skateboarding as a sport. They just take it as a hobby.

4. Is Skateboarding A Teamwork Sport?

The theme of riding a skateboard is not based on teamwork, and because of no teamwork, you can’t learn a new skill with your mates, or you can’t coordinate if you have any new idea regarding your sport. You have to learn and grow on your own. Although you will meet many people, but the feeling of team and support will not be felt. You got to learn and grow by yourself.

5. Are There Any Specific Areas For Riding A Skateboard?

As we already know that riding a skateboard is not common in many cities and countries, so there is a high chance that you will be unable to find a proper area or path where you can learn the skill of skateboarding.

Although some cities and districts have built specific areas for skateboarding, most of them don’t have this type of path. Due to this reason, maybe you will never learn the correct skill of riding a skateboard.

How Can You Overcome Dangers Of Skateboarding?

If you consider skateboarding a dangerous sport, then you are right because a little mishandling of skateboard can result in death or fatal injuries and fractures that can be a source of depression and become a regret for your whole life. As a result, you will not be able to ride a skateboard again or maybe, do any other activity. Therefore, it is better to leave these types of risky activities for the sake of your good health.

We have got some of the ways through you can overcome the effects and risks of skateboarding:

  • By Making The Use Of Helmets: Wearing helmets can save you from the biggest threat and risk on skateboarding, that is “HEAD INJURIES.” However, because of the nature of skateboarding, you can still have a head injury even after wearing a helmet, but the chances will reduce.
  • By Having A Skateboard According To Your Style: Different skateboards are manufactured based on different riding styles. It is better to know your riding style and buy a skateboard according to it. This will decrease the chances of getting crash or slip from a skateboard and help you learn and grow.
  • Use Safety Pads Like Knee Pads And Elbow Pads: Along with helmets, it is better to wear other safety items like knee pads and elbow pads. If your skateboard crashes, your knees and elbows will be saved from fractures and broken bones because of using these pads.
  • Suitable Shoes: Wearing suitable shoes has two advantages on skateboarding. It will act as a safety cover for your feet, and secondly, it will help you balance your body on the skateboard. For this reason, it is better to wear appropriate shoes for sports while riding a skateboard.
  • Use Of Goggles Or Glasses: If your head, eyes, nose, elbow, and ankles can be damaged, why not your eyes? Therefore, it is better to wear goggles or glasses for the safety of your eyes while riding a skateboard.

FAQs about Skateboarding Dangers

Q: Can Skateboarding Kill you?

A: If you are thinking, can skateboarding kill you? So, it would be surprising for you to know that, but yes, skateboarding has killed hundreds of people, and you can die from skateboarding. At the same time, you can reduce the chances of not dying by wearing helmets and safety products, but still, skateboarding can result in some serious head injuries that can even result in your death.

Q: Is Skateboarding More Dangerous Than Biking?

A: Riding a bike is safer than riding a skateboard. The most important factor that makes bikes have a lead over skateboard because of the presence of brakes. You have complete control over your bike, but on the skateboards, the matter is the opposite.

A bike is more powerful and stable than a skateboard because a small stone can make you die if you fall from a skateboard, but bikes are more stable and adequate. Therefore, bikes are more stable than skateboards. 

Q: What Is The Most Common Injury In Skateboarding?

A: Head injuries are the most common type of injury you can have from skateboarding. Broken ribs and sternums are also reported because of riding a skateboard.

Moreover, you may have a risk of fracturing your wrists, ankles, or fingers due to skateboarding. It is a better option to leave skateboarding and look for any other hobby or interest as a little mishandling of skateboard can result in huge loss.

Q: Is Skateboarding Bad For Your Ankles?

A: Mastering the skill of riding a skateboard can also result in temporary pain or permanent damage to your ankles. Because of the skateboard’s control, all of your body weight and pressure come to your feet, and this situation could be fatal for your ankles. Apart from ankles, your phalanges can also be hurt by rising a skateboard. Because of this, it is better to avoid skateboarding and take care of your feet and ankles.  


Before we wrap this thing out and make an end to this discussion, it is pretty clear that skateboarding is quite dangerous. The main reasons behind this danger are its nature and theme. Thousands of people have been injured because of skateboarding, and many of them died.

However, even after all these disastrous effects, skateboarding has proved to be a great source of learning and growing the body’s balancing skills along with the burning of calories. However, there are many other ways of losing fats and calories; choosing the most dangerous one is unnecessary. What if you get a head injury that results in excessive bleeding and then death? It is better to have some other activities and avoid skateboarding.


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