Are you confused whether to choose rollerblades or roller skates? If yes, then you must be thinking about what differentiates rollerblades from roller skates. You do not have to overthink! We are going to provide you with a complete manual about roller skates and rollerblades. So, you can choose accordingly.

No matter what kind of skates you choose, skating will remain a fun-filled experience. You may consider that rollerblades or roller skates are identical, but they have a lot of differences. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about all the differences between roller skates and rollerblades. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

What’s The Difference Between Roller Skates And Rollerblades?

1) Alignment Of Wheels

Frequently, rollerblades have a linear alignment of wheels. Linear alignment of wheels may extend from heel to toe at the sole. Wheels may usually range from 3 to 5 in a linear order.

In contrast, roller skates have this parallel alignment of four wheels at the sole. Two wheels are at the front, whereas; the other two are at the back. Moreover, roller skates have a laces system and ankle collar, while the appearance may differ.

2) Brakes And Stability

Rollerblades have this linear alignment of the wheels, which are harder to control. If you are a beginner, you need to have some skills. However, a brake system is present behind the right pair of rollerblades for slowing down the speed.

Roller skates have an even design because of the stable wheel alignment they have. They are much durable, and even small children can enjoy them. Moreover, you will not be afraid to try them on for the first time.

3) Age Factor

Rollerblades may be safest for the children as well, but it will seem hard at first. Rollerblades have a particular wheel alignment which helps to move in a different direction. Control over rollerblades may be hard for young children.

As for young children, stability is essential. Roller skates, because of their durable design, are suitable for children. Children can acquire skills in them in the beginning. Once you have acquired the skill and you are stable enough, then you can go for rollerblades.

4) Purpose

Mostly rollerblades are suitable for covering long distances. Due to a linear wheel alignment, rollerblades are much stable and faster. Moreover, if you play hockey or perform cool tricks, then rollerblades are the finest choice.

Roller skates are usually helpful in acquiring skills if you are a beginner. Also, you can use roller skates to play roller derby or show some artistic skills; then roller skates can be a good choice for you.

5) Indoor Vs Outdoor

Linear wheel alignment gives rollerblades this efficiency to travel fast and smoothly over any outdoor surface. However, due to the small space between linear wheels, they may somehow catch small pebbles, which may cause injury; thus, the wheels must have a tiny space between them.

Most often, roller skates are suitable for you to perform any roller discos or roller derby. Roller skates are most of the valuable time in an indoor setting. Moreover, roller skates were one of the famous indoor skates in the 1860s.

6) Safety

Rollerblades, because of their linear wheel alignment, are not much safe for beginners or young children. As the wheels are not stable, you may fall or get an injury from slipping over. However, through proper skills, you may learn how to balance a rollerblade.

On the other hand, roller skates are much more stable as the wheel’s alignment resembles a car’s wheel. Roller skates provide a stable platform as well as a proper balance to your feet.

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Is Rollerblading Easier Than Roller Skating?  And Why?

Whether rollerblades or roller skates, both are easy to try. At first, you may feel scared while trying them on, but practice will make it easy for you. Moreover, roller skates are a bit easier to try on if you are a beginner. 

Rollerblading may be easier only if you know how to balance them. As because of the linear wheel alignment, control and balance are somehow difficult to maintain. Most of the time, a brake is also present to control the movements.

While rollerblades may be easier for those looking for fast speed action, a more extended wheelbase provides a much stable platform. Rollerblades have this ability to absorb shock and cracks, giving a challenging ride.

Talking about roller skates, they are not much stable and shock absorbing. Wheel alignments are the easiest for those who are beginners. If you want to buy something for your children, then rollerblades may be an excellent choice for practice.

However, determining whether rollerblades or roller skates are easier may depend upon your preferences or over the purpose you need them for.

Which Should You Choose – Blades Or Roller-Skates?

Choosing what you want may exclusively depend upon your personal preferences. Moreover, for what purpose you need the rollerblades or roller skates for may also count. If we talk about learning over them, both of them have up to some extent of learning curves.

Why Should You Choose Rollerblades?

Rollerblades having linear wheel alignments are the best for leisure and high-speed activities. Because of the wheels’ linear pattern, they are effortless to control only if you acquire the proper skills. Control may be hard at first, but with experience, you can work it all.

Additionally, rollerblades are shock-absorbing; thanks to the wheel’s alignment, they will never make you feel about any rocks or uneven surface. However, one must keep this thing in mind that you must acquire skills first to control the speed.

Linear wheel alignment is just good to move efficiently and in any direction. Thus, rollerblades are the best in terms of practical life use.


  • Fast speed.
  • Good for exercise.
  • Keeps the body in balance.
  • Increases self-confidence.


  • Injuries.
  • Space between wheels.

Why Should You Choose Roller Skates?

Are you thinking to gift your young child some skate shoes? If yes, then roller skates are the best as they are much easier to control and stand upon. Lack of balance will not allow them to manage the rollerblades properly.

However, if you are fond of sports and love participating in sports activities, then roller skates are the best for you. Many of the sports games like roller derby and dancing ollie; use roller skates. As because of the stable base plate, it is efficient to control the movements.

 Apart from the features, it may be possible that you are much more comfortable with roller skates; thus, you go for them. After all, your comfort and choice come first.


  • Good balance.
  • Less training.
  • Good pace keeping.
  • Comfortable.


  • Maneuver trouble.
  • Not for high-speeding.

What’s More Dangerous – Rollerblades or Roller-skates?

Rollerblades or roller skates both are dangerous if you do not follow proper precautionary measures. Though minor injuries may occur, as it does while playing sports, skating may also give some hard and tough injuries.

Rollerblades have linear wheel alignment, which may seem dangerous for minor children as they will not have a stable base. However, even adults who are beginners may suffer possible injuries because of the rollerblades.

Moreover, often rollerblades have these vacant spaces between the wheels. Pebbles or rocks of tiny size may just get stuck in between these wheels, which will cause the rollerblades to stop and throw you over the floor.

You can fix this issue by going for such rollerblades that have very little space between the wheels. So, nothing will get stuck in them, and you will be safe.

Talking about roller skates, they may be safer for beginners as they do not know how to control the blades. Roller skates have a stable base which makes them easier to hold on them without fear of falling or getting any injury.

Which Is Better?       

Rollerblades are one of the finest if you love to perform tricks, travel a long distance, try some high speeding or adrenaline rushing activities. However, every sport is challenging initially, but you may learn how to master it with practice.

Rollerblades are best due to their alignment and easy way to control movements. Moreover, they are responsive to shock and will not let you feel any obstacle over the surfaces. Apart from all of these benefits, rollerblades are versatile. You can carry them over any kind of surface or place.

You can take them to park, roads or urban areas; whatever it is, the rollerblades will work perfectly on them. Additionally, they are perfect for fitness as it provides excellent flexibility to the feet giving you a healthy time.

Which Is Faster?

Rollerblades are faster than roller skates due to the wheel alignments. The wheels alignment gives an excellent base to the shoes to move smoothly and cover distances or perform stunts.

However, these rollerblades fast speed is because the wheels are in a liner design running from the heel to toe, giving perfect stability and flexibility. Accordingly, to the ideal shape, size, and flexibility, everyone prefers rollerblades for faster movement and enjoying some crazy ride.

FAQs Regarding Rollerblades Vs Roller Skates

1. Which Skates Are Better For Young Children?

Young children are not able to balance their selves on rollerblades. For this purpose, roller skates are suitable for them as they have a proper baseline, and they can control their movements easily over them. Roller skates have a durable wheel design as two at front and two at the back. However, after getting skills, they can then move over to rollerblades.

2. Can Roller Skating Help Lose Weight?

Many dieticians are approving that outdoor or indoor roller skating may help burn many calories, as while skating, a lot of pressure is on the legs to push past the ground. Due to this, we use a lot of energy which in turn causes us to lose calories. Often 480 to 500 calories can burn through roller skating.

3. Is Roller Skating Bad For Your Knees?

Healthwise, roller skating has many incredible benefits. But you must ensure that while going roller skating, you must have good muscle stamina. If you do not have good muscle stamina or power, your knees may suffer, and you may start to experience knee problems. A proper exercise plan and diet can give you the energy you need for roller skating.        

4. Which Roller Skates Should I Buy?       

While buying roller skates, just keep in mind that for what purpose you are buying them. Try to think thoroughly about the purpose and the need. Moreover, keep in mind the size, texture of the wheels. Furthermore, research the different kind of baseplates and materials which may be suitable to your needs.

5. Is Roller Skating Bad For Your Back?

Good roller skating techniques will never make you feel tired or give you any back problems. However, when in the beginning, you may experience some back problems. But that would be normal as you are new to it. With the passing time, you will get the grip of it, and you will     

6. Is Rollerblading Easier Than Ice Skating?

Ice skating and rollerblading may seem similar, but they are not exact. Whereas rollerblading may be accessible up to some extent as you have a smoother surface and you can have a grip of it. However, ice skating requires you to skate over ice which is very slippery and secondly, the blades are much thinner, which will take a lot of time to acquire the skills.       

Final Words

Rollerblading or roller skating, the choice may be yours. Whether you want to perform some maneuver tricks or go for fun and enjoy ride rollerblades is the best for you. However, if you are into sports and want to enjoy roller derby, then roller skates must be good for you.

Apart from this, do practice before going for rollerblades as they may seem complicated to control at first. After all, you do not want to fall over the floor and hit your face or sprain your feet. So which one will you choose, roller skates or rollerblades?   

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