Ever wonder how to properly select the size of your skateboard trucks? Selecting the wrong size can lead to a loss of balance and cushion when riding. To avoid such incidents, it is important to know what size you need for your board.

Fortunately, with this complete guide on skateboard truck sizes, you’ll get all the information needed along with a chart that will make finding suitable-sized trucks easy!

So if you’re keen to find out more about truck sizing and ensure maximum performance when skating then read on!

Skateboard Truck Size Chart

Skateboard trucks are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different types of skateboards. The most common size truck for a standard skateboard is an Independent, which measures 63 mm-66 mm.

The first thing you need to do is measure your skateboard deck. Once you have your measurement, consult the chart below to find the appropriate truck size for your deck.

Deck Width Chart According to Truck Width

Deck Width (in)Truck Width (mm)

What skateboard truck size should you use for your board skateboard truck size chart?

When choosing a skateboard truck, it is important to consider the width of your deck. To do this, you’ll need a measuring tape and a pencil. Place the measuring tape at the center of your skateboard deck and measure from nose to tail. You will want to choose a truck that is close to the width of your deck.

For Example: If you have an 8.5″ wide deck, you will want to choose a truck that is around 8.5″ wide.

The size of your trucks will also affect the turning radius of your skateboard. A smaller truck will provide a tighter turning radius, while a larger truck will provide a wider turning radius.

If you’re looking for a standard all-around truck, we recommend going with an Independent or Venture truck in the 5.0″-6.0″ range. For a narrower board, we recommend going with an Independent or Venture truck in the 4.5″-5.0″ range.

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How to measure the size of your trucks?

Once you’ve determined the type of skateboard trucks that you need, it’s time to get an accurate measurement of your desired size. To do this, you will need a ruler and/or measuring tape. 

Measure the width of the hanger portion of the truck (not including the axle) in inches and note it down in a safe place. This will be your desired size for the truck. Repeat this measuring process for all of the skateboard trucks you need, and you’ll know exactly what length to look for when shopping around.

Factors to consider when choosing a truck size

When choosing a truck size, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

1) Width of your deck

The first is the width of your deck. As we mentioned earlier, you’ll want to choose a truck that is close to the width of your deck.

2) Turning radius

The second is the turning radius. A smaller truck will provide a tighter turning radius, while a larger truck will provide a wider turning radius.

3) Type of skating

The third is the type of skating you’ll be doing. If you’re looking for a truck to do some street skating, we recommend going with an Independent or Venture truck in the 4.5″-5.0″ range.

4) Height of the truck

Consider the height of the truck. A taller truck will provide more stability, while a shorter truck will be more manoeuvrable.

5) Weight of the rider

If you are a heavier rider, you might want to go with a taller and wider truck to accommodate your weight.

Benefits of using the right truck size for your skateboard

Choosing the right truck size for your skateboard can have a few benefits.

  1. Improved performance: One benefit is that it can improve your skating performance. If you choose a truck that is too small or too big for your deck, it can affect the way your skateboard turns and responds to your inputs.
  2. Increased durability: Another benefit of choosing the right truck size is that it can increase the durability of your skateboard. If you choose a truck that is too small for your deck, it can put undue stress on the trucks and cause them to break prematurely.
  3. Comfort: The one benefit is comfort. Choosing a truck that is too big or too small for your deck can make your skateboard less comfortable to ride.
  4. Prolong the life: Additionally, using the proper truck size can prolong the life of your skateboard deck.
  5. Enjoyable: Finally, choosing the right truck size can simply make skating more enjoyable.

Are skateboard trucks universal?

Skateboard trucks are not universal. This means that they are not between different brands of skateboards.

For example, an Independent truck will not fit a Sector 9 deck. Similarly, a Venture truck will not fit on an Arbor deck. Each brand of the skateboard has its own specific trucks that are designed to work for their decks.

So, if you’re looking to replace the trucks on your skate, you’ll need to make sure you get the correct trucks for your brand of board. This might seem like a hassle, but it’s actually pretty easy once you what brand of the board you have.

FAQs – Skateboard Truck Size Chart

How often should I change my skateboard trucks?

It’s generally recommended that you change your skateboard trucks every 6 months to 1 year. Of course, this will depend on how often you skate and how well you take care of your board.

Does truck size Matter in a skateboard?

Truck size does matter in a skateboard. Choosing the right truck size for your deck can improve your skating performance and make your skateboard more comfortable to ride.

What trucks do pro skaters use?

Professional skateboarders tend to gravitate toward trucks that offer a combination of strength and maneuverability. Some of the most popular pickups used by skateboarders today include:

  1. Independent 139 Stage 11- Featuring a lightweight design with all-around mobility, these trucks are ideal for street skating.
  2. Thunder Polished Hollow Light-Another light option, this truck is made from hollow steel for a lighter feel and greater maneuverability.
  3. Venture Polished 5.8 Low-For those who prefer a more stable ride, these trucks feature a lower center of gravity and larger baseplate for extra stability.

What size trucks fit an 8.25 deck?

The 8.25 deck size is one of the most popular sizes when it comes to skateboard trucks, and it works best with boards that measure between 7.875 and 8.5 inches wide. The wheelbase (distance between the inside of each truck axle) should be roughly 14-14.5 inches for an 8.25 deck.

Generally, trucks that measure 5.25 inches in width are perfect for 8.25 decks, though some riders prefer narrower or wider trucks depending on their individual preference.

Are Low trucks better for street skating?

Low trucks are generally better for street skating because of their low center of gravity, which makes turning easier and gives the rider more control. The lower profile also helps to keep the board closer to the ground, making it easier to do flip tricks and grinds. Additionally, smaller-sized trucks are usually lighter weight than larger ones, resulting in a lighter board overall. 


So, what size trucks should you put on your skateboard? It depends on the width of your deck, as well as personal preference. A wider truck is more stable and can handle larger wheels, while a narrower truck is more maneuverable. If you’re not sure where to start, try out a few different sizes and see what feels best for you.

Just remember to consult a skateboard truck size chart when making your decision so you end up with the right trucks for your board. Hopefully, this skateboard truck size chart has given you a good starting point for figuring out which trucks are right for you.


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