Just like every other person, Are you confused between skateboards and longboards? Even though you may be thinking of buying a new skateboard, every skateboard seems the same. If that is the situation, then there is no need to worry, as we will tell you about the differences between skateboards and longboards in detail.

Most of the time, people use a regular skateboard for performing tricks. Their length may vary from 30″ to 32″, whereas the width may vary from 7″ to 9″. Moreover, you may notice that a regular skateboard has a nose and a kicktail. The kicktail is for performing tricks like; jumping or flipping. Furthermore, these skateboards come in many deck shapes, such as; narrow and wide decks. Wide decks are for bowl or vert skaters. In contrast, narrow ones are for street skating.

In comparison to skateboards, longboards are much taller, but the sizes can vary. Usually, many people who enjoy walking while watching the beautiful world may prefer longboards. They can plan to travel long-distance or think to run miles down the hill using the longboards. In short, they are good to go for rugged duty. 

Just like regular skateboards, longboards come in different deck shapes too. Some of the decks are suitable for running downhill or long-distance journey whereas, some forms are ideal for carving. So, let’s check out some major differences between skateboards and longboards!

15 Major Differences Between Skateboards And Longboards

1- Trucks

Even though every kind of skateboard has the same parts of trucks, named as baseplates, kingpins, bushings, however, there is some significant difference in constructing these parts for longboards and skateboards.

The trucks for longboards are usually inverted in contrast to the trucks for regular skateboards.  Moreover, they are frequently wider, softer bushing for carving, whereas stiffer bushing for running downhill.

Regular skateboards have a shorter truck. These skateboards help in performing stunts and do some cool tricks. Moreover, they are firm and rigid. Therefore, giving a complex pushing control to the skateboard may only work while riding it.

2- Shapes

A regular skateboard comes with a nose, tail, and concave. The shape is usually of a popsicle whereas, the tail is for flipping the skateboard. Moreover, the concave allows doing some technical tricks. Apart from regular shapes, there are some other shapes as well. Moreover, its structure also depends on the purpose for which you need a skateboard.

Longboards are available in some distinct shapes like drop-through, swallow-tails or pin-tails. But they lack a nose and tail with a solid angle and do not have any concave. Furthermore, being long, they provide a stable ride. Their shape may resemble the surfboards that are long and wide.

3- Sizes

Regular skateboards usually come up in sizes around 30″ to 32″ in length, and the width may vary between 7″ to 9″. Whereas the longboards, as the name suggests, are usually long.

Most of the time, they are long in such a way that they resemble a surfing board. They may range in width from about 9″ to 10″ and 35″ to 59″ in length. Moreover, longboards are one of the firm skateboards. Due to its extended design, you can have control over your movement.

4- Flexibility

As because of the longer deck shape, longboards are way different from any other skateboard. Moreover, longboards are famous for their flexibility and stability. If you are thinking to run smoothly without losing balance, then longboards are the best for you. Moreover, longboards are so stable that you hardly feel any rock or crack while riding on them.

Talking about the regular skateboards, often they do not have good momentum. Besides, they are stiff too. But one thing that is unique about these regular skateboards that they are very responsive. You may get tired if you are thinking to go on a cruise on your regular skateboard.

5- Ride

Longboards can be your only partner if you are thinking to go on a cruise. However, it is also easy to stand over a longboard if you are a beginner. The reason might be because of the extended platform you have; you can control your movements. Moreover, due to its soft wheels, you will enjoy a smooth ride overcoming every kind of hurdle.

A regular skateboard’s platform or deck size is small. Because of its limited deck space, as a beginner, you can’t balance yourself at first. You may acquire the skill to ride a skateboard later, but at first, it will be hard for you. Moreover, its small size will make your feet tired, way too early.

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6- Transport

Longboards are the best if you are thinking to go on a long-distance journey with a long base. Even though you may not travel as fast as a car or a motorcycle, but with constant pushing, you will cover the distance. However, this continuous pushing may make you tired earlier than expected.

Regular skateboards have small bases or decks. These bases are hard to control, and you may not maintain high speed riding over them. Usually, regular skateboards are not suitable for long-distance travelling. Most of the skateboards are for performing tricks or flips.

7- Tricks

Because of the compact and easy to carry size, skateboards are familiar for doing tricks and flips. These skateboards have a unique tail whose particular purpose is to flip the skateboard. However, it may be a little bit hard for you if you are a beginner.

Whereas longboards, because of their size, are not suitable for performing tricks. As because of the extended design, they may not be able to perform any kind of tricks. However, some hybrid longboards and skateboards have the quality of both of them.

8- Crowd

While skateboarding in a crowded city, you have to take care that you use regular skateboards as they are small and can make short turns. Moreover, you can easily take a skateboard and keep it in your backpack because of its small size instead of longboards.

In contrast, longboards are not easy to carry due to their enormous size. Longboards are longer because they take up a lot of space. In crowded urban areas, it may be a little bit hard to have these longboards. Because of their shape, they are not easy to turn around or go through any small spaces.

9- Downhill Or Freeriding

If you are thinking to get a ride downhill or freeride, longboards are just the best ones to go for because of their long size; they are much more stable than skateboards. Longboards have great control and speed than skateboards because of the size of their wheels.

Moreover, longboards are much more stable because of bigger wheels. Thus, you will not be able to feel any obstacle. In contrast, you will pass every obstacle like rocks or pebbles very smoothly.

Regular skateboards are tiresome because of their small platform and smaller wheels. Due to their compact size, they are suitable for performing tricks or other park rides. Moreover, regular skateboards can also help go over a street or nearby place.

10- Wheels

Longboards have softer wheels; thus, they can go faster and have a much more robust shock absorption capability suitable for terrains. Moreover, bigger softer wheels can absorb any impact. You will overcome any pebble or rocks in your way very smoothly if you are riding over a longboard.

Whereas skateboards have small wheels, which are complicated and taking up control of them is not easy. If you are a beginner, you may have difficulty taking control of a skateboard.

11- Wheel Base

The wheelbase is how much far the wheels can take you while you are riding a board. The larger the wheelbase, the more you have stable experience and vice versa. Longboards having larger wheels base are much more durable and flexible than regular skateboards.

12- Stability

Skateboards have smaller platforms which are usually hard to control. It is hard to maintain these skateboards if you are thinking to perform any tricks because of the small size. If you are a beginner, then it’s better if you just forget about it. With practice, you can have control over it and perform well, but it may be hard at first. So, you need to take things with patience.

On the other hand, longboards are much wider and longer, which gives a big platform to control your longboard. Providing complete control over your ride with a wide platform is much better than small skateboards. Moreover, the wheels of the longboards are bigger and softer, which readily absorbs all the impact.

13- Cruise

The regular skateboards are helpful if you are thinking to have a ride in your park. As because of the small size, they are easy to carry and are easy to turn at any corner.  Simultaneously, due to its small wheels, it may be hard to control the skateboard in the long run.

In contrast, longboards are much more helpful than skateboards because they have big wheels and are comfortable giving complete control over your rides. But it may be hard to control these boards in urban areas or walking areas where the crowd is too much.

14- Surface

Occasionally skateboards are suitable for even terrains because of the small size; they cannot go over hurdles with much comfort. For this purpose, skateboards are usually helpful for tricks or flips.

Moreover, longboards are suitable for long-distance rides as they have bigger wheels that have a high level of stability and impact protection. Apart from long-distance rides, longboards are also helpful while riding down the hill. Being more significant in size, they give the most suitable and comfortable ride.

15- Speed

Longboards are usually faster than skateboards because of the bigger wheels; they are quick and can face any kind of impact. Even though they are not close to the ground, but its shape can achieve stability and control.

Regular skateboards being small, are not that fast, but you can increase the speed by modifying some features like wheels, bushing or bearings. But again, that depends on one’s preferences.

Purpose Of Buying

Before buying anything, you must ask yourself that what is the purpose behind purchasing a particular product. Apart from many similarities, longboards and skateboards are much different from each other regarding their purpose. Moreover, the structure may vary, but it will also help you to choose according to the purpose you are looking for.

Talking about the skateboards, they are not easy for long rides because of the short length and smaller wheels. However, such type of skateboards are suitable only for parks or performing any tricks or flips.

Moreover, some of the grinding tricks, which includes overcoming obstacles and showcasing some incredible stunts, there are also some purposes these skateboards are helpful for. In short, skateboards are suitable for kickflips, ollies and some other astonishing street stunts. But you must keep in mind that skateboards being small in size, are hard to control and very dangerous. 

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On the other hands, longboards have some useful purpose as well. Some of the purposes may include transport and cruising. Because of the flexible truck size, they are effortless to skate over a rougher or smoother surface. Moreover, due to its larger wheels, longboards are suitable for long trips.

Moreover, if you want to perform some tricks with your longboards, you can use unique models with features for tricks. Additionally, the longboards are a much better choice for cruising.

Applications Of Longboard And Skateboard

Whether longboards or skateboards, both of them have their own applications. These applications may be exclusive to the needs you have. If you need a board for cruising or long distance travelling, then longboards are good. Whereas, if you want to perform some incredible stunts, then skateboards are good for you.  

For long-distance rides, cruising downhill longboards are one of the best boards for the long run. Because of the large wheels and the long size, these longboards are very stable. Moreover, the large platform gives your feet a better space to keep them firm on the deck.

The soft wheels are a plus to these longboards, as because of them, the ride is smooth, and you will ride easily no matter how hard or smooth the surface is. These longboards are so easygoing that one may not be able to feel any rock or crack over the surface.

Additionally, if you are a beginner and are about to learn skateboarding for the first time, then longboard is the best choice for you, as because of its more extended deck and big wheels, they are effortless to control.

While talking about skateboards, they have a small deck as well as its wheels are small too. These skateboards are small in size and are very compact to carry. You can take them easily in your backpack without worrying about their shape or size.

You may notice one thing about these skateboards that they are not suitable for those who are beginners as they have a minimal platform that can help to keep your feet on. Thus, they are harder to control over long distances.

Moreover, because of the compact size, you will feel every other obstacle that comes your way—eventually giving sprains and injuries. Skateboards are usually compatible with performing cool tricks or flips.

Whether To Go For A Longboard Or Skateboard?

At first, it will be a little bit confusing for you to think of whether to go for a skateboard or longboard. But after speculation and finding out the applications and the purpose, you will be clear about which board you should go for.

Why Choose A Skateboard?

If you are an expert and want to perform incredible stunts or tricks, then the regular skateboard is good for you, as because of its small size, they are easy to carry. Moreover, these skateboards come up with unique features like its tail used to do backflips and other stunts.

However, skateboards usually have small wheels, which are suitable for stunts only, and they have a small platform as well. The small platform may make it hard for you to use skateboards for long-distance purpose. At the same time, your feet may get tired because of the constant push and may feel sprained.

Why Choose A Longboard?

Longboards have wide and long platforms, which are very comfortable to use and are stable too. Along with longer boards, they have softer and bigger wheels which give a very flexible and smooth ride.

For a long ride or riding freely downhill, longboards can be your ultimate best friend. They have a wide platform that gives you a very comfortable ride and runs smoothly on any kind of surface. Additionally, longboards are also one of the safest skateboards because of their flexible deck design.

Furthermore, some hybrid skateboards are also available. They manufactured in such a way that they are longboards as well as skateboards too. They have the features of both boards in them. Thus you can enjoy a cruising experience as well as perform tricks or stunts with them.

The Final Verdict

Talking about longboards and skateboards, both of them are good at their places. Moreover, both of the boards can promise you a lot of fun. What you need to acknowledge while buying any of them is that you need a skateboard for cruising or performing stunts?

Additionally, if you are a beginner, then go for longboards due to their firm and flexible design. After getting experience, you can go for skateboards to perform some incredible stunts or tricks. Have a happy ride!


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