Aspen is a picturesque ski town that is known for its challenging slopes and powdery snow. While it is typically thought of as a winter destination, Aspen can be just as enjoyable in the summertime. With plenty of hiking and biking trails, Aspen is also a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

And if you’re looking to hit the slopes in the summer, don’t worry – there’s still plenty of opportunity to do that too! Aspen supports several summer snowboarding activities that are sure to get your heart pumping. So if you’re looking for an adventure, consider heading to beautiful Aspen this summer!

Can you snowboard in Aspen?

Yes, you can snowboard in Aspen. The town is home to four world-class mountains, each with its unique terrain and challenges. There are many different trails and parks to explore, so you can find the perfect spot for your skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll be able to enjoy the snowboarding experience in Aspen.

Snowboarding in Aspen is a great way to spend a day in the mountains. If you’re looking for an adventure, consider heading to beautiful Aspen this summer! You won’t be disappointed.

Best snowboarding resort in Aspen

There are many snowboarding resorts in Aspen but some of the popular ones are Snowmass, Buttermilk, Highlands and Ajax. All these resorts offer different terrains and challenges so you can find the perfect one according to your skill.

  • Snowmass: Snowmass is the largest of the four mountains and offers a variety of trails for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.
  • Buttermilk: Buttermilk is known for its beginner and intermediate trails, making it a great place to learn or improve your skills.
  • Highlands: Highlands offers more advanced trails and is popular with experienced skiers and snowboarders.
  • Ajax: Ajax is the smallest of the four mountains, but it still offers a variety of trails for all levels.

There are also many other snowboarding resorts in the area, such as Vail, Breckenridge and Keystone. No matter what your level of experience is, you’ll be able to find a resort that’s perfect for you. So don’t wait – book your trip to Aspen today!

Cost of snowboarding in Aspen?

The cost of snowboarding in Aspen can vary depending on the time of year and the specific resort you visit. Generally speaking, lift tickets during peak season (December-February) tend to be more expensive than during shoulder season (March-April), when prices are typically lower.

When it comes to choosing a resort, Aspen Mountain, Snowmass and Buttermilk are typically the most expensive snowboarding options while Crested Butte and Purgatory tend to be more affordable.

A lift ticket for a single day during peak season at Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, or Buttermilk will cost around $150. A lift ticket at Crested Butte or Purgatory during the same period will typically cost around $100.

When it comes to equipment rental, you can expect to pay around $50 per day at most resorts. Finally, for a lesson, you can expect to pay around $100 per hour.

When it comes to saving money on snowboarding in Aspen, the best bet is to visit during shoulder season and choose a less expensive resort. Lift tickets during peak season can be quite pricey, so visiting during March or April can help you save quite a bit of money.

Additionally, equipment rental and lesson prices are typically lower during shoulder season as well. So, if you’re looking to save on your snowboarding trip to Aspen, consider visiting during shoulder season and choosing a less expensive resort.

Crested Butte:

If you’re looking for an affordable option when it comes to snowboarding in Aspen, Crested Butte is a great choice. Crested Butte offers a wide variety of terrain, making it a great option for both beginner and experienced snowboarders alike.

Crested Butte is also known for its laid-back vibe, which can be a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of some of the other resorts in Aspen.


Purgatory is another great option for those looking for an affordable snowboarding trip to Aspen. Purgatory offers a wide variety of terrain and is a great choice for both beginner and experienced snowboarders alike.

Purgatory is also known for its laid-back vibe, which can be a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of some of the other resorts in Aspen.

What mountains do not allow snowboarding?

There are a few mountains in the US that do not allow snowboarding, but they are few and far between. Most notably, Utah’s Alta ski resort does not allow snowboarding, but there are others as well. In general, almost all ski resorts will allow snowboarding, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a place to ride.

So, if you’re looking for a place to snowboard in Aspen, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Just be sure to check the prices and policies of each resort before you book your trip.

How much does snowboarding in Aspen cost?

The cost of snowboarding in Aspen varies depending on the time of year and the type of pass you purchase. Lift tickets for a single day can range from $60-$150, while multi-day passes and season passes are typically discounted.

Equipment rentals are also available and prices start at around $30 per day. Beginners may want to consider taking a lesson or two to get started and prices for group lessons start at $50. Private lessons are also available and typically cost around $100 per hour.

Snowboarding in Aspen can be an expensive sport, but there are ways to save money by purchasing lift tickets and rentals in advance, or by considering a season pass.

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When did Aspen allow snowboarders?

Snowboarding was first allowed in Aspen in 1985. Before this, the only way to ride down the slopes was on skis. Snowboarding was initially banned because it was thought to be too dangerous and disruptive to other skiers.

However, after a few years, the ban was lifted and snowboarders have been able to enjoy the slopes ever since. Aspen is now one of the most popular destinations for snowboarding in the world.

Every year, thousands of people come to Aspen to experience the incredible powder and terrain. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s something for everyone in Aspen.


Although Aspen is most well-known as a ski destination, it is also an excellent place to snowboard. With its world-class terrain and picturesque views, Aspen is worth a visit for any snowboarding enthusiast.

Aspen is the perfect place to enjoy a day or two of snowboarding. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, because the sun can be intense at high altitudes. Now that you know the answer to the question, “Can you snowboard in Aspen?”, get out there and hit the slopes!


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